About Pulp Hot Sauce


Fermented Small Batch Hot Sauces,
Made in Atlanta.

Pulp is a small batch fermented pepper hot sauce, handmade in Atlanta, Georgia. We use as many locally grown & seasonal ingredients as possible, without the use of any chemicals, thickeners or preservatives. Only peppers, garlic, sugar, salt, & vinegar 

Pulp is fermented and raw which means it is packed with probiotics and flavor, making it a healthy choice — along with being Vegan, Kosher — made with Certified Naturally Grown ingredients. Hot peppers are naturally high in capsaicin, vitamin c, a, and beta carotene, so you can feel good about falling in love with these flavorful sauces.

- Nicholas Gregory
Owner/Chief Sauce maker

The Process:


First we process our peppers to make a mash for fermentation


We allow the natural yeast cultures to feast on the peppers, making magic 


After fermentation, we extract the juice from the pulp and add vinegar, our only preservative

Then we bottle, label and refrigerate

We then take the mash or byproduct form our sauce making process and dry it at a low temperature and grind it into a delicious powder.

Pulp is a zero waste company

All waste is either converted into another product

or composted back into the food cycle.